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The Full Story

Home & Hearth Services is based in O'Fallon, Missouri and provides a (growing!) range of services for residential homes and hearths that currently include home maintenance plans and assessments, chimney inspections ands sweeping, dryer vent cleaning, and painting services.  Daniel Doyle, owner and Certified Master Inspector and Certified Chimney Sweep, spent 15 years inspecting homes and building a reputation for himself as an inspector who was thorough, knowledgeable, and focused on inspecting each home as if it were to be his own, that he came to a realization -  So many of his reports contained numerous small maintenance items that ended up becoming bigger issues.  Thus, an idea was born: 


Why not assess homes and provide maintenance pro-actively before they became a larger issue?    



From your home to your hearth, we have you covered.  You want a home that you can enjoy with your loved ones without being tasked in your free time to maintain it, or worse yet, you have no free time and one of your most valuable assets could have larger, more expensive problems downrange.  

We can fix that.  From your home to your hearth, we will expertly assess, consult, and maintain your home.  

Go on - enjoy your family, your time, and your home.


At the heart of Home & Hearth is to provide thorough, expert assessments of homes and hearths.  Our desire is to be able to bring our years of experience inspecting to give you quality maintenance you trust.

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